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The most  Timely and Helpful T.E.C.H Academy you've ever seen

Tired of trying to figure out the tech in your business all by yourself? Frustrated with all the overwhelm? Don't have the time to invest in endless courses to figure out that one thing you need right now?

  • There's so much information out there and it all sounds like double-Dutch! But no one is telling you, in your language, how to actually do it!
  • Trawling through training videos where they assume you know some things is confusing and frankly, not helpful if tech is not your strong point which stops you dead in your tracks.
  • You're left staring at a blank screen, feeling like you want to throw the laptop out the window. Your return on your zilch!
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Hi, I'm CJ. My passion is helping business owners surf the waves of change with an effective online marketing strategy, so they can get on with doing what they love.

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Handling the T.E.C.H in your business shouldn't be a chore. It should be something you can do at your pace, minus the headache!

The Timely, Easy, Confidence building and Helpful academy will solve the tech headache for you. This academy is especially for you. It has been designed to help you as the busy business owner to finally get this area of your operation handled.

Imagine having at your fingertips, a helpful resource you can tap into, but one that is there all the time. The T.E.C.H academy is your techie friend!

TECH Academy

Picture yourself, working on your content, for example a post for your LinkedIn page. You decide an image would really grab the attention of your readers. You find an image, and it's not quite right. You don't know how to make sure it's on brand and refined to your exact tastes. Let's face it, your audience sees enough stock images all the time, and this is not you. You go into T.E.C.H Academy and ask how you can fine-tune this image. You are given timely advice, easy to follow steps, helping you to have the confidence to make the necessary changes. The rest of the day is yours, safe in the knowledge that what you've implemented, works.

T.E.C.H Academy Membership

The T.E.C.H Academy membership help you bridge the gap between the ideas and inspiration you have for your business, into implementing them with the sound knowledge that what you do works, and saves you time in the process. This not only increases your skills, but also your confidence in being able to do more for your own business, without relying on external support.

T.E.C.H stands for the four values we embody with everything we do: Timely, Easy, Confidence, Helpful. If something doesn't fulfill even one of those values, we don't use it and don't recommend it.

Your membership of the T.E.C.H Academy ensures that your online presence is on-brand, you then have the confidence to increase the visibility of your business and take your content to other platforms, to new groups, and proudly showcase your expertise to the world.

The T.E.C.H Academy is a growing and evolving community where you can be surrounded by like-minded people. You will get advice, help and support from others in the community as well as the architect of the academy. 

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Rolling monthly membership

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  • Access to all existing tutorials and Masterclasses & Micro-tutorials
  • Growing library of on demand tutorials, Masterclasses & Micro-tutorials (you ask, we deliver)
  • Community support
  • Free content planner
yearly + 1:1

Full membership for one year + 12 hourly 1:1 sessions throughout the year




  • Access to all existing tutorials and Masterclasses & Micro-tutorials
  • Growing library of on demand tutorials, Masterclasses & Micro-tutorials (you ask, we deliver)
  • Community support
  • Free content planner
  • 1 month free
  • Priority for on-demand Micro-tutorials


Giving you training on broad topics from Content Strategy and Lead Generation to Facebook ads and split-testing. We give you in-depth knowledge and instructions, sorting out the "big picture" stuff, so you know what you need to focus on in your business.


Step-by-step tutorials guiding you through specific processes and scenarios in your business. Ranging from creating Landing pages and Lead Magnets, to how you can SEO your YouTube channel. No step, no matter how small is left out and therefore, we don't make assumptions.

Timely and helpful Micro-Tutorials

When you're faced with that "tearing-my-hair-out" moment, the last thing you need is a lengthy, or worse, dated tutorial teaching you how to do something which you can no longer follow through on. What you want is a Micro-Tutorial which can be delivered in the nick of time, to help you maintain momentum.



The T.E.C.H Academy is aimed at people who like you feel that tech is not their strong point. This means that we can create a brilliant, collaborative and supporting environment for all our members. Not only do we support your learning - i.e. no question is too small; but if another community member knows the answer to your question, you now have even quicker solutions, and we all learn and grow quicker together.

Internal Sign-posting

If you see that another member can benefit from a service that another member provides, you are encouraged to discuss that with those fellow members. This doesn't involve spamming or being "salesy" in the group. We genuinely recognise that your work is valuable, and that others can benefit from it. Our method of working creates an all-around supportive environment to encourage collaboration on a business or an altruistic level.

Office Hours

Bi-Weekly office hours where you can join in on our Live Q&A session with other members, asking all of your burning questions, not necessarily tech related. This forum allows you to benefit from advice that others receive as well as your own challenges. 

Tools of the Trade

Here are the tools that we primarily use. Training and coaching will mainly be centered around these tools. That doesn't mean we will leave you high and day should you have others you prefer. We will either find the best training to suit your needs, bring in an expert, or create bespoke training if we can't find anything suitable. Sound fair?

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Okay, I couldn't resist adding this testimonial, and yes I'm allowed to gloat - someone wrote me a poem!

This is where the MAGIC happens

T.E.C.H Academy Membership

The perfect solution to the tech nightmares we all experience, far more often than we'd like to admit.

Unrivaled support at your fingertips. No lengthy, jargon-filled tutorials created in 2017 offering you the silver-bullet solution. Here you get real answers, real solutions and real help implementing what you need for your business.

  1. 1
    Community is at the heart of the T.E.C.H Academy. You're never alone in this journey
  2. 2
    Timely support when you need it, not week or months from now.
  3. 3
    Top-down and bottom-up. Whether you're a big-picture person, or a detail person, our training will help speak to you at your level.

CJ is simply awesome in his expertise and ability to share his knowledge with his clients. He supports the creation of leadpages, digital marketing and everything I need really in order to keep my coaching business going...His manner is excellent, always patient and he truly listens to his client's needs and is then able to translate that into action and produce web pages or content that is perfect for client. He is also very skilled in putting everything in simple language so non-tech people can follow easily and learn from him.

Jelena Radonjic - Career Coach and Consultant (

He is awesome. His professionalism, his understanding of business processes and interpreting them for clients to understand is second to none. A motivational and valuable consultant.

Jiyan Dave - Performing Artist, Actor

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

CJ Sohal

Creator of T.E.C.H Academy

About the Academy Architect

As a loving dad, husband, and ridiculously busy entrepreneur, I pride myself in making the complicated, simple.

Having struggled for years to really understand the world of Digital Marketing and more-so, make it work, I decided it was time to put this knowledge in other people's hands. People who have been neglected by the DM community by being too complicated or treated like a number by a faceless corporation offering half a day's training for half a month's salary.

My mission is to make sure that the Tech world is not "alien" to any business owner who wants to make the most of it. Will you join me? Will you take the reigns of your future and finally get out of your comfort zone?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get real actionable advice by the first month of your membership, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

C .S. Sohal

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a visual person. I need to see it before I can follow through. Will this work for me?

How do I request a Micro-tutorial?

Come on CJ! You know I'm not gonna read the T&Cs, what's the small print?

I can't follow long, complex tutorials. Will this Academy help me?

Can I split my yearly payments?

Do you cover X tool or Y software?

P.S.: Make sure you subscribe now to take advantage of the current prices we have. Following our launch and having gained further case studies, we will be raising our prices. People are already telling us that our price point is too low. However we're not greedy. We want to see you succeed and that gives us more satisfaction than making a quick buck ever will!

If you're ready to choose your membership level and get started, click the link below.

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