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Prosper Group Ltd is proud to offer you professional coaching and mentoring to help young professionals accelerate their personal development and career progression. Contact us for bespoke coaching packages.

“My mentor CJ once told me the glass is neither half empty or half full. The glass can be refilled. I'll never forget these words! - Shauna Hutchingson

Why Prosper Coaching?

Coaching and mentoring work. At Prosper Group, we pride ourselves in delivering results for our customers, guaranteed.


A tailored approach

We know that you are unique. Your personal story is unique. You've been through challenges, highs and lows, and no one else has been through the exact same situations.

We respect your map of the world and recognise that to get to the next stage in your professional career, you will need coaching and mentoring that challenges your thinking, destroys your limiting beliefs and accelerates your growth.

Carol Anne CooperCarol Anne Cooper

“CJ has a very calm, quiet way about him. He meets you where you are at ,with whatever IT issue or challenge you are having and expertly guides you through solving it. Whilst working with him, his ability, knowledge and expertise shine through and I always feel empowered to move forward for myself. I feel blessed to know him and have him as a mentor. ”

Carol Anne Cooper - Author Coach

One-to-One approach

We work with you or your staff on a one-to-one basis. Why? Because mentoring is a personal relationship and although group sessions are available for teams, most of the work is done individually.

Managed and measured approach

Most mentoring companies will deliver content, a few one-to-one sessions, and then leave you to it. We have a process in place to ensure continued success and benefits realisation.

Focus on individual results

We know that your goals are unique. They might be specific career goals or they might be soft skills you want to develop. We show you how to achieved measurable success in all areas of your life


For individual professionals and teams

"In times of great change, we need to change with them, or be left behind." - CJ Sohal

You're here because you know the above statement is true. For you or your team to continue to grow professionally, you recognise that what worked last year will not work this year. What worked yesterday will not work today. In a world with so much uncertainty bought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, people like you are feeling stressed, worried and unfulfilled.

Our blended approach of coaching and mentoring means that we can employ the right skills and tools to help you get where you need to be. Our unique approach means that you and your team will achieve the results you're looking for, sometimes in far less time than you thought possible. Does this involve hard work? Of course it does. You get out what you put in, just like anything in life.


Employees who are intrinsically motivated show increased self-advocacy, goal achievement and positive self-esteem than those who are not.

Performance improvement

When you're doing a job you love, and doing it to the best of your ability, you achieve better results. Simples!

Fulfilling career

Mentors can assist you in accelerating your professional development. Through regular goal setting and check-ins, we'll make sure you're making good progress.


What our clients say...

"Great mentor and dedicated individual for charity and community. I worked with him on charity basis in order to raise funds for children charity and he worked tirelessly with me on this and even mentored me on how to do presentations."

Goulled Ciye

Social Housing professional

Get to know me

About CJ Sohal

CJ Sohal head-shot

Hi, I’m CJ Sohal.

Social Housing and Marketing professional. NLP Practitioner and Life Coach.

Having worked in Social Housing for nearly 20 years, I know the skills professionals require in order to help them climb up the corporate ladder and have fulfilling careers.

My background in Digital Marketing, combined with my knowledge of business development and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has given me communication skills that can be leveraged to build fantastic relationships and get your message heard. This isn't limited to communicating with others, but more importantly, how we communicate with ourselves.

Get started on your mentoring journey

Call us know to get a quote for bespoke coaching and mentoring.




You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

We know that coaching and mentoring is a two-way street. However if for any reason, you feel that you have not achieved the results that you signed up for, we will offer you either one-to-one mentoring or a full refund. You choose!


Here are some common questions.

What's the difference between coaching and mentoring?

So which method do you use, coaching or mentoring?

Do you only cater to specific industries or people?

How long does the programme last?

Will this work for me/my company?

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