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Our Story

Prosper Group Ltd was created by our founder and CEO CJ Sohal, with the aim of helping small businesses finally deal with their tech headaches, turning their frustration into tech heaven. It was born out of the sheer frustration that he felt when he found that the online world was full of misinformation and "generic" advice, combined with a total information overload, causing people overwhelm. If that's you, you've come to the right place!

Our Vision

Empowering Business Owners to embrace technology and help their business thrive!

We believe that entrepreneurs and business owners should feel free and empowered to focus on and do what they do best. Technology doesn't have to be scary. We're here to help you spend less time struggling with your digital marketing and more time working on your business. We also want to run our business in support of the United Nations Global Goals. We wish to work with businesses that want to make a real impact in the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs and business owners with the best tools and training to support their Digital Marketing and Online Strategy. We help you through our Digital Marketing Audits, our Membership programme, and our Fun with Funnels programme. We also offer bespoke training packages to organisations.

Our Values


By working together, we can get rid of your tech headaches. Creating an online marketing strategy has to be right for you and your business. There are plenty of cookie cutter solutions out there, but how do you know which one suits you best?


It's absolutely mind blowing how many tools there are out there - from auto-responders to webinar platforms to website development. That's before you even get to SEO, advertising, copy writing and funnel creation. We want to bring you absolute clarity on what will work for your business where you are right now.


Ultimately, we want to help businesses like yours grow and increase your revenues while serving your target market in the most effective way possible. Leave your tech headaches at the door. You're about to get the freedom you deserve to focus more on what you do best, instead of staring at a blank screen, wondering what to do next.

 What our clients think...

Not just an IT expert but an excellent teacher with boundless patience. As well as building me a bespoke website, CJ is enabling me to manage and edit it myself. He is also a lovely person, kind, generous, patient and unassuming.

Durgamata Chaudhuri

Mindfulness Coach

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